Clark & Barnes – Islands at the Edge

Sailing to the outer San Juan Islands can be a delightful experience. Destination islands that are often passed over by those who ride the Washington State ferries or boaters who prefer the amenities of mooring at marinas where there are docks to access restaurants, shopping, and a place to walk the family dog. Not to mention chatting with other boaters about their vessels, adventures at sea, and new harbors they plan to visit. Clark Island and Barnes Island are separated by a narrow channel and are located northeast of Orcas Island. Barnes is the smaller of the two islands in this photo.


Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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French Palmiers

Show God’s love to your family and friends by sharing a French heart-shaped dessert with them. Served with coffee, tea, or milk, everyone will enjoy this light, crisp pastry baked to sugary perfection. And it takes two ingredients—puff pastry and granulated sugar—and a wee bit of time.


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Sinclair Island – A World Apart

Not everyone desires to live on an isolated island, but it may surprise you that islanders have their limits. In 2012, a fierce January storm swept away a major portion of Sinclair Island’s public county dock, leaving its U.S. Post Office perched close to the edge of the remaining timbers. It took a prolonged push by residents for more than three years to convince Skagit County officials to take a first-hand look at the damage  and decide how to restore the islanders’ easiest access to their homes and property. This is especially important for mail delivery and meeting emergencies. It appears that San Juan County, who installed a dock on Obstruction Pass, may be the perfect partner with a solution. Stay tuned.

Photo credit:

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Teapot Cozy – A Knitting Pattern

Teapots and their cozies keep the tea inside warm. They come in all shapes and sizes, plain and decorated. Tea connoisseurs can choose from crocheted, knitted, quilted, and sewn tea cozies to suit their taste or those of their family and friends. Cozies make great gifts, especially for wedding showers in the bride-to-be’s colors. I’d like to share my version of one easy pattern from Paton’s Beehive Bazaar Novelties and Gifts (#115 booklet), but you can find many free patterns online.


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Vendovi Island – A Model Nature Preserve

My husband and I met John Fluke, Sr., the owner of Vendovi Island, in the early 1980s while employed at his high tech engineering firm, John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc., in Everett, Washington. I helped the new in-house patent attorney apply for engineering patents with the U.S. Patent Office. One of my fondest memories was a surprise birthday celebration. The late John Fluke, Sr. had an office close to my department and my colleagues invited him to sing happy birthday to me. My husband enjoyed a similar experience when this big-hearted man entered his cubicle a few days after he was hired and asked him how things were going. Befriending his employees was Mr. Fluke’s management style, and it was a pleasure to work for him.


Photo credit Ferdi Businger – San Juan Preservation Trust

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Sharing God’s Heart

If God is love, then why not share His love with others in a sweet way on Valentine’s Day? My recipe for Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Hearts from Special Teas by M. Dalton King might be one way to give your family, friends or a stranger a taste of His love.

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Seekerville’s February 2016 Contest Diva

  • 2013 My Book Therapy’s Frasier – Bronze Medalist
  • 2014 ACFW-Central Florida’s Sonshine Scribes “Save Our Synopses” – Second Place
  • 2014 My Book Therapy’s Frasier – Finalist
  • 2014 ACFW First Impressions – Winner, Historical Romance
  • 2015 My Book Therapy’s Frasier – Bronze Medalist
  • 2015 ACFW First Impressions – Winner, Historical Romance (Agent Request)
  • 2015 Kathy Ide’s Promising Beginnings – Finalist
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A Glimpse of Cypress Island

A friend of ours decided to get into sailing in a small way. He purchased a 12-foot wooden lug-rigged Pelican dinghy designed by Bill Short and built by the Smith brothers on nearby Samish Island. From him, we learned a group of owners often sailed to Cypress Island, camping on their favorite east-side beach. When Washington State’s Department of Natural Resources turned the area into a marine park, it was officially named Pelican Beach.


Photo courtesy of

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English Brown Betty Teapots

A cherished bit of English history resides in its traditional Brown Betty teapots. Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, a city 160 miles northwest of London, became famous for making pottery in the Middle Ages. In fact, the village was nicknamed the Potteries due to the region’s abundance of a superior form of red clay that retains heat more than any other clay.


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Promising Beginnings Writers’ Contest 2015 Finalist

Great news! I submitted two entries to Kathy Ide’s 2015 “Promising Beginnings” Christian Writers’ Contest and I’m a Finalist! Thank you, Kathy Ide, for evaluating my submissions and for inviting unpublished authors to compete for a full scholarship to the Mount Hermon Writers’ Conference.

The following announcement is from Kathy Ide Book Services.

PB-winner-2015-Tara_JohnsonCongratulations, Tara! I pray God blesses you richly on your writing journey!

Congratulations also go to the finalists: Amanda Dykes, Ashley May Higgins, Beth Saadati, Betty Slade, Bruce Metz, Deb Garland, Karen Higgins, Karon Ruiz, Kathy Davis, Kristen Johnson, Lonzine Lee, Marcia Moston, Marlene Anderson, Mary Kay Moody, Megan DiMaria, Nancy Holdeman, Nicki Bishop, Robynne Feaveryear, Susan K. Stewart

Yes, congratulations to Tara Johnson and to my fellow writers!




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