Bell Island – A Fairy-Tale Paradise

Curiosity is my middle name. A few years ago, Bell Island, an approximately four-acre island in Wasp Passage sprouted a new timber-framed “castle” on its south shore. Its appearance prompted me to imagine what it’d be like to live on my own private island. Of course, for the owners, their dream has turned into reality.

When did it all begin? According to their website, the Gerlicher family purchased Bell Island in 2003 and began designing their new home. It took them until 2006 to secure the necessary building permits from San Juan County before they could hire a contractor from nearby Orcas Island to begin the actual construction. At the time of purchase, a small guest house with a pump house enclosing a water tank stood on the north shore.

Today, the new master house sits on Bell Island’s sunny, southern shore where the family can wave to passing ferries and pleasure boats in Wasp Passage. And those of us afloat can wave in return! A shop was built to provide storage, room for projects, and enclose additional underground water tanks. What I found interesting is that recycled old growth logs were acquired from several old saw mill buildings built in 1915 from Bend, Oregon, for the beams and supports, while the old fir and pine lumber were used for flooring. See-through fireplaces are enjoyed on all three floors.

Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities in the San Juan Islands and Bell Island is a favorite spot. Here are a few photos of the critters these deep water fans see that you and I miss. Creatures like the Sea Clown Nudibranch or sea slug, the Grunt Sculpin, as well as the Snakelocks Anemone with a Candy Stripe Shrimp.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia commons

“When you eat the labor of your hands, you shall be happy, and it shall be well with you.” (Psalm 128.2 – NKJV).

Thank you for dreaming with me!



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