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Celebrate STITCHES THRU TIME WRITERS’ 2nd Birthday!

Hello there! I’m a member of STITCHES THRU TIME WRITERS and we’re celebrating our 2nd birthday during August! Each of us contributes a blog post monthly, sometimes more, and there’s usually something of interest for every reader. Sample the author interviews, book reviews, craft … Continue reading

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Spieden Island or Safari Island?

Exotic big game animals and birds in the American San Juan Islands of Washington State? Visitors passing Spieden Island on a Washington State ferry on their way to Sidney, British Columbia, Canada from Anacortes or travelling by private boat are … Continue reading

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Yellow Island – A Sea of Flowers

An artist’s dream! Two friends and I signed up for a watercolor painting workshop held in the spring on Orcas Island. Each morning, our instructor taught us a specific technique before leading us on a fieldtrip to practice our new … Continue reading

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Blind Island – Hiding in Plain Sight

Why would anyone name an island, visible from the sea on all sides, Blind Island? I don’t have an answer. But as a mariner, I always enter Blind Bay with my eyes open!

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Finding Frost Island

Evening stars shone brighter with every stroke of the oars as we circumnavigated the 70-acre island after sunset. Rowing around Frost Island in a 9-foot dinghy in the middle of winter is possible, if the wind and waves are calm. … Continue reading

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Tiny Pearl Island

Celebrating my husband’s birthday at Roche Harbor last week gave me a perfect opportunity to capture a few photos of a cement truck being ferried across one of the most popular summer anchorages in the San Juan Islands to Pearl … Continue reading

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My Book Therapy Frasier Contest 2015 Bronze Medalist

   I’m a Bronze Medalist in My Book Therapy’s 2015 Frasier Contest! Thank you to my critique partners and fellow writers in ACFW and My Book Therapy, who’ve shared their expertise. And to the Lord Jesus Christ for blessing me with this award.  

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H is for Henry Island

An island shaped like an H, settled by an early pioneer, Henry Perkins, and named Henry Island in 1841 by explorer, Charles Wilkes, for his late nephew, Henry Wilkes, killed in a skirmish in Fiji? Believe it! (Photo courtesy of the … Continue reading

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Delightful Decatur Island

My first impression of Decatur Island, upon spotting a sprawling farmhouse, cherry trees in full bloom with black-faced sheep grazing beneath them in sunny Sylvan Cove, was pastoral. And inviting! Homes, some of them built by award-winning architects, peek at … Continue reading

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Tranquil Blakely Island

Steep hills, forested with evergreens, surround two pristine lakes, Horseshoe Lake and Spencer Lake, nestled in the middle of this private island. Its residents, many of them wealthy, enjoy the convenience of electricity, a general store, cafe, and post office. They travel … Continue reading

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