A Tea Trivia Quiz

One of my favorite restaurants to sip tea with family and friends is the Abbey Garden Tea Room in the Fairhaven area in Bellingham, Washington. Established in 1998, it is a contemporary, British-styled tea room with interior décor similar to The British Pantry in Seattle and the James Bay Tea Room in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Over 40 kinds of loose leaf teas are served alone or with savory and sweet menu items, so everyone may discover the tea they like best.


Abbey Garden Tea Room

Until I visited Murchie’s Tea & Coffee in Victoria, I had no idea so many varieties of tea existed. Nor did I know that all teas come from the same plant, only the processing is different. Black teas undergo the most fermentation and oxygenation, green teas endure the least, and white teas are made from unprocessed leaves. Additional flavoring is added to scented teas. Beside the familiar teas like English Breakfast sold by all tea makers, several companies blend their own teas for their customers. Click here to visit Murchie’s website and read descriptions of the teas they sell. My personal favorite is their No. 10 Blend, named after London’s famous No. 10 Downing Street.


Curious about tea?
Take the Tea Trivia Quiz! Answers follow the list of questions.
  1. Tea contains about _____ the amount of caffeine as coffee.
    A. twice         B. the same     C. one third     D. half
  1. The term “orange pekoe” refers to…
    A. Herbal teas flavored with citrus
    B. Premium black tea with unbroken leaves
    C. The color of the leaf on a tea bush
    D. Type of white tea
  1. “Women are like tea bags. They do not know how strong they are until they get into hot water.” Who said this?
    A. Marie Curie
    B. Eleanor Roosevelt
    C. Elizabeth II
    D. Jackie Kennedy
  1. A tea bush takes three to five years to grow before it is ready for harvesting.
    True or False
  1. Using a samovar is the traditional way to boil water for tea in which country?
    A. India          B. Russia         C. Germany    D. Spain
  1. Which country is the world’s largest producer of tea.
    A. Ireland       B. China          C. India           D. Brazil
  1. Assam tea is named after…
    A. the city where it found its popularity.
    B. the surname of its discoverer.
    C. the Hindi word for its malty flavor.
    D. the region it is grown in.
  1. Darjeeling is often referred to as the _____ of teas.
    A. Mother      B. Champagne            C. Chardonnay            D. King
  1. For every 400 tons of Darjeeling tea sold, only 100 tons are genuinely from the Darjeeling district of India.
    True or False
  1. Which region is the world’s largest consumer of tea?
    A. Ireland       B. Japan          C. United States          D. England
  1. How many different varieties of tea does the world offer?
    A. Over 3,000  B. Around 500  C. Less than 100  D. Approximately 1,500
  1. In which city was the tea bag invented?
    A. Beijing      B. London       C. New York   D. Mumbai
  1. Which country was enjoying iced tea as early as the 1840s?
    A. Russia       B. South Africa           C. Wales         D. Japan
  1. Americans drink over fifty billion cups of tea per year.
    True or False

ANSWERS: 1.D  2.B  3.B  4.T  5.B  6.C  7.D  8.B  9.T  10.A  11.D  12.C  13.A  14.T


Tony, my favorite Brit, sipping tea at the Abbey Garden Tea Room

A Bonus Question

  1. The best teas come from Asia. Match the teas with their nations of origin.
    A. China
    B. India
    C. Sri Lanka
    D. Japan
    E. TaiwanChoose from:
    A. Ceylon  B. Keemun  C. Darjeeling  D. Oolong  E. Assam   F. Gen Mai Cha  G. Sencha

ANSWERS: 1.B  2.C/E  3.A  4.F/G  5.D

I hope you enjoyed taking the Tea Trivia Quiz. Did any of the answers surprise you? Did you learn something new? If you’d like, share the name of your favorite tea and/or tea room!



*This article first appeared on Stitches Thru Time Writers.

**Please note the James Bay Tea Room in Victoria closed permanently in 2018 and the Abbey Tea Garden closed permanently in 2019 unfortunately.

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  1. Peggy Wirgau says:

    Thanks for all the interesting tea facts! I did better on the quiz than I expected but I learned a lot too. (Is that a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows in Tony’s photo?)

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